If insurance does not cover infertility treatment, there are alternatives:

Cash: If you have the means, some people may choose to pay for treatment out of pocket.  Some people will empty their checking and savings accounts.  Others may take out a second mortgage.  If an expensive treatment is unsuccessful, they cannot afford a second try at a family.

Loan: There are several companies that offer treatment loans.  The ARC Affordable Payment Plan, for example, helps make infertility treatment affordable; it provides an extended payment program for dividing the cost of treatment into manageable monthly payments. Integra Med Financial Services also offers healthcare financing for any type of infertility treatment. Beware: The interest rates are usually pretty high and you might be paying for your child until you send him to college.

Shared risk: Many clinics offer shared risk programs that guarantee a baby.  You pay a large amount upfront for about 4 cycles of IVF.  If you don’t conceive, you are refunded a certain amount.  There is some controversy about whether these programs are ethical and safe for the mother and child.

Egg/Sperm Donation: Someone else out there may need an egg or sperm donor.  You are screened and tested.  You help someone else get pregnant.  And you get paid.  Some clinics will also offer shared cycles that allow both donor and recipient to share the eggs and both try to get pregnant.  Some doctors are hesitant to offer this because of the stress on the donor.  What if the recipient gets pregnant and the donor doesn’t?

From INCIID the Heart. The InterNational Council for Infertility Information Dissemination(INCIID — pronounced “inside”) announces an ambitious new program – From INCIID the Heart– to provide free In Vitro Fertilization to couples in need. INCIID, a non-profit organization, provides information on Infertility and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) as well as support to thousands around the world hoping to build a family.

Fertile Dreams. Fertile Dreams was established as a resource for those individuals without insurance for fertility treatment. Every year, Fertile Dreams will select several individuals based on review of their application and financial need and grant a $10,000 award toward an IVF cycle at any program in the United States.

Madeleine Gordon Gift of Life Foundation The Madeleine Gordon Gift of Life Foundation, a nonprofit organization formed in 1995, assists married couples from Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky who have been unable to conceive and might not be able to afford in-vitro fertilization.

Angels of Hope. The Creating Miracles Grant offers financially burdened married couples assistance with the cost of fertility assistance necessary to bring a child into their lives.

FertileHope  Fertile Hope is proud to present Sharing Hope, a program to help increase access to egg, embryo and sperm freezing for cancer patients.

Partnership for Families  The Partnership for Families Program at the Cleveland Clinic Fertility Center at Beachwood provides funding for a second cycle of IVF to couples who otherwise could not afford another try. The program was founded by 23 couples whose lives have been affected by infertility. Each recipient of a Partnership for Families Award receives $8,000 worth of IVF medical services. In addition, Serono Pharmaceutical’s Helping Hands Fund provides $2,000 worth of medications to each recipient.I believe you have to be a patient of this clinic- but if you’re already in Ohio, you should check it out

Move: 15 states are required to cover or offer to cover infertility treatment. Many people are packing their bags, finding new jobs, and relocating.

Go Abroad: Many couples are travelling to other countries where IVF can be thousands of dollars cheaper than itis in the United States. Please read the following article for concerns about regulation and success outside of the US. Are the savings worth the risk?

Adoption: There are plenty of children in this world that need loving homes and families.  You can usually adoptan older child from your local Social Services.  However, most people are looking for babies. Adopting a baby through an agency could cost more than any infertility treatment, but you will still be giving that child a home.   Stephen & Barbara Burke have a comprehensive list of adoption assistance program.

Clinical Trials: Doctors, clinics, pharmaceutical companies and scientists all over the country are holding clinical trial and studies.  Usually, these studies examine the causes of male and female infertility.  Some may try to develop or improve treatments.  Clinics and doctors will give you a discount on treatment if you participate. If you join a study primarily for IVF, you’re out of luck.  Due to cloning bans, clinical trials are not allowed to do IVF.  National Institutes of Health Clinical Trials site.  INCIID also maintains a list of clinical trials and studies.

Childlessness: Some people find the infertility battle to be emotionally and financially exhausting.  They surrender into childlessness.  This does not mean you love each other less because you can’t conceive.  You can consider it more time to get to know the love of your life.